Pressure Tanks

How does a pressure tank work?

久久美剧Using compressed air to push the water down, the water is expelled through plumbing when a valve is opened. If the water drops below a certain point, the pump is activated which causes the tank to refill. By combining a pressure tank switch with a water pump, you'll be able to enjoy constant water pressure.

With the right materials, Sentry Pump can give you water pressure so strong, it’ll be like a shiatsu massage with every shower you take.

久久美剧The secret is in the equipment

Obtaining constant water pressure can be easy and affordable with Sentry Pump Co Inc. All you have to do is add a constant pressure pump to your existing system and voila! No more weak showers or dribbling faucets.


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Feature 1

Easy and affordable constant water pressure.

Get rid of weak showers and dribbling faucets by adding a constant pressure pump to your existing system.

久久美剧Constant water pressure, whether your water is city or private well.


Feature 2

久久美剧Abundant water pressure at all times.

Using state of the art methods, Sentry Pump Co Inc will meet the water demand your property requires.

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Feature 3

久久美剧Discover how easy it is to maintain the water pressure throughout your home with a constant pressure system. Water pressure that exceeds the system's upper limit can cause damage to your appliances while exceptional low pressure results in a reduction in water flow. By constantly maintaining an even level of water pressure, you'll be able to simultaneously run your shower, dishwasher, and outdoor hose without seeing a reduction in water flow.